About Us

Our Vision

Beit Al Karma Consulting is an Egyptian and Middle Eastern company that provides training and technical assistance services for its clients to improve the performance of their businesses, organizations and programs supporting them to build their nations for a brighter future.

Our Mission

We provide our clients – profit and nonprofit organizations – with specialized training, project’s evaluation and access to funding opportunities through our dedicated portal DARPE (Development Assistance Road-map Portal in the Middle East), all in order to sustain their organizations and to profitably grow their businesses respectively.

Our Approach 

We merge the principles and values of sustainable development of the non-profit world with the profitable growth strategies of the private sector world rendering the design and delivery of humanitarian; socio-economic, infrastructure projects and any other professional and technical solutions more beneficiaries-focused, benefits-driven and financially sustainable.

Our Training, Evaluation and Technical Assistance services are designed to grow and transform businesses and non-profit organizations to profitably grow and to deliver projects more sustainably.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Services 

Through our monitoring and evaluation services we have provided project design and evaluation services in a range of development markets including democratic governance; community services; local economic development; economic and social development; women and youth employment, entrepreneurship, child rights, infrastructure and construction projects among others. We dig deeply to find out what worked and what didn’t work and explain why. We link activities to outputs and outputs to impact. Our evaluators pay special attention that every recommendation is practical, understandable by development actors, cost effective, context sensitive and backed up by qualitative and quantitative evidences. Our experts strive to turn evidence-based knowledge into practice.

Training Courses and Capacity Building Services 

Beit Al Karma training courses address both profit and not-for-profit businesses and organizations. We are proud of being able to capacity build and mind-shift 3,000 + professionals representing engineering firms; ICT solutions providers; development and management consulting; social entrepreneurs; as well as development practitioners of non-governmental organizations and foundations. Our training courses design and delivery are  informed by the day-to-day realities of business development and lessons learned from the actual delivery of consulting assignments. Our courses cover several topics including Business Development, Proposal Writing, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Soft Skills among others. Our training program is based around the following learning themes:

  • Profitable business growth and organizational sustainability
  • Clients-centered and project’s beneficiaries-focused services
  • Competitive, responsive and value creation solutions
  • Benefits and outcomes-based solutions