Performance Transformation
Beit Al Karma Consulting, an Egyptian and Middle Eastern company, provides training, consulting and technical assistance services for its clients, profit and nonprofit businesses and organizations as well as public sector organizations, transforming their performance to maintain profitable growth, assure organizational sustainability and excel in the delivery of professional services.
Investing in Knowledge
We are proud of being able to train 3,000 + professionals representing engineering firms; ICT solutions providers; development and management consulting as well as development practitioners of non-governmental organizations and foundations who are able to bring the change and solutions necessary for the transformation and survival of their firms and organizations 
Thoughtful Leadership
We have provided monitoring and evaluation services among a range of development markets including Democratic Governance; Education, Youth Empowerment, Refugees Integration and Construction Projects. We dig deeply to find out what worked and what didn’t work and explain why. Our experts strive to turn evidence-based knowledge into practical recommendations of what only matters
Growth and Value
We have assisted several small and mid-sized, for-profit and not-for profit, businesses and organizations to build trusted strategic client relationships, steadily position themselves and write proposals that win. We have the capacity to manage the procurement process of professional services starting from developing the Request of Proposal to managing pre-bid meetings till the evaluation of proposals and award recommendations.

Merging Knowledge to Perform Better

We merge the principles and values of sustainable development of the non-profit world with the profitable growth and competitive strategies of the private sector world rendering the design and delivery of humanitarian; socioeconomic, technical solutions and infrastructure projects more beneficiaries-focused, benefits-driven, value adding and financially sustainable.