Course Overview

A commitment to performance measurement has become essential requirement and mandate of donor-funded projects, nongovernmental organizations, foundations, public and government agencies in response to increased demands to results-based management, value-for-money, do-more-for-less, effective and tangible delivery of project’s outcomes.  In order to stand-out of the competition, organizations need not only to build results-oriented culture but to strive towards greater outcome-level changes targeting the improved welfare for beneficiaries.

Demonstrating results achieved is an accountability requirement not only to the funding agencies or to the implementing partners but also to project’s beneficiaries, national and governmental stakeholders as well. It all starts by properly designing development projects through clearly and logically outlaying potential multiple-layers of developmental outcomes.  Developing a Monitoring and Evaluation plan is  an essential management and progress-reporting document. M&E plans captures developmental indicators which are later used to effectively apply for additional funding and / or to successfully communicate and market projects achievements.

The training will cover the basics of performance measurement and looks at frameworks to explain how a program is understood to contribute to its intended or observed outcomes. It will also cover the definition of performance indicators, data collection tools and data sources.  The course will provide ways into the analysis and reporting of performance information and how to use it in progress reporting and engaging stakeholders. The course will end up with an open discussion of the challenges and common problems that are faced by Monitoring and Evaluation Officers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Equipping participants with the practical skills and the confidence needed to deliver the functions of Monitoring and Evaluation Officer more successfully
  • Increased understanding of the inter-linkages and dependencies between planning, monitoring and evaluation functions
  • Enhanced capacity to design development projects using results-based and logic-modeling concepts
  • Improved capacity on how to develop a Project Monitoring & Evaluation Plan and use it as a project management tool
  • Understand the various types of data collection tools and their proper usage

Additional Information

  • This training course of instruction and practice is delivered over 2-days (12 hours).
  • Presentations, training course materials and handouts are in English.
  • Trainers are bilingual English / Arabic.

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