Course Overview

Proposals are a critical element of the sales process. For many companies, writing good proposals is considered as their real source of competitive advantage – a key factor in winning business. Many calls them that they have great proposal machine at which proposals are developed efficiently, by teams collaborating effectively in a spirit of creativity and fun. They don’t only compete with others on the same business opportunities but they often compete with the clock to construct high quality proposals in small amounts of time.

In a competitive market, knowing how to manage, plan and story-board your proposal is one of the most important measures that bring your company / organization to the position of closing a deal with the client.  Clients usually are looking for companies that can conceptualize their ideas in a logical and benefits-driven layout.  Successful Proposal Managers and Writers know how to deconstruct Requests for Proposals (RfP) to identify the project scope, develop appropriate tasks, develop detailed yet complaint proposal outline.

The first day of the course will discuss the proposal management process and proposal team’s functions to lay a good foundation for factors behind successful proposal writing efforts. Then, and against a case study which is a brief proposal written, participants will go through the techniques on how to smartly story-board their proposed solutions in order to submit proposals that are responsive and adequate. The story boarding techniques will then be completed by the development of a Proposal Outline showing a road-map of the whole proposal document.

In the second day, we will go deeply in how to develop a proposal document that is compliant and responsive to RFP requirements. We will review and go through the most common as well as advanced evaluation factors that are necessary to consider in order order to demonstrate that your proposal is the one to be selected and the one which provides best-value-for-money to your client. You will learn the techniques and tactics that are necessary to bring your company to the position of closing a deal with the client.

This course is designed for profit and nonprofit Professional and Technical Services Providers including engineering & ICT solutions providers, management consulting & advisory services firms as well as NGOs among others. It is suitable for all practitioners who want to submit a proposal document that is a responsive, compliant, can sell and close a deal.

Learning Outcomes

  • Deepen knowledge of best practices in proposal management process and how to bring the proposal team together in an integrated and efficient manner
  • Learn how to mind-map and outline your whole solution in a comprehensive yet story-boarding and persuasive manner
  • Equipping participants with how to develop compliant proposal outline
  • Increased capacity to maximize the evaluation scores of submitted proposals 

Additional Information

  • The course will be highly interactive. Participants will work in small groups on an example that will carry through the two days of the course.
  • This training course of instruction and practice is delivered over 2-days (12 hours).
  • A certificate of attendance is issued by Beit Al Karma Consulting
  • Presentations, training course materials and hand-outs are in English. Trainers are bilingual: English/Arabic.


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