Monitoring and Evaluation Services

Over the last decade, Beit Al Karma has provided monitoring and evaluation services to improve the performance, effect, impact, sustainability and value for money of development projects in Egypt and the Arab World. Projects monitored and evaluated covered various sustainable development themes including decentralization and democratic governance; women economic empowerment; youth civic engagement; employment generation, entrepreneurship, children rights; schools construction, infrastructure and utilities performance improvement projects as well as projects targeting the refugees’ self-reliance, protection and integration.

We dig deeply to find out what worked and what didn’t work and explain why. Our reports are based on rigorous methodological and critical inquiry. Recommendations are evidence based. We analyze why and how intended results were or were not achieved. We link activities with outputs and outputs with not only primary developmental outcomes but with secondary ones as well. We are proud that we always add new evaluation perspectives when evaluating development projects such as project delivery process, implementation agility, sense of ownership among others. Such new perspectives have rendered our evaluation reports and recommendations unique because it considers many factors at the same time including the specific targeted beneficiaries’ demands and needs, specific implementation challenges and the unique socio-economic and political context in which projects operate within.

Beit Al Karma employs expert monitoring and evaluation specialists who usually assumes the role of the Evaluation Manager who are then supported by external Subject-Matter Experts to advise technically on the formulation and evaluation of subject-related Key Performance Indicators, key evaluation areas and key questions. Our Evaluation Managers lead and report on evaluation missions using our evaluation tools and procedures that are accumulated and refined over the many previous evaluation studies. We emphasizes on the use of multiple data collection methods, quantitative and qualitative, to triangulate and confirm reliable, accurate, comparable and representative results.

When conducting our work, we emphasize on establishing participative and consultative working relationships with our clients and their implementing partners. We carefully listen to the voices of projects’ beneficiaries and stakeholders to learn about the continued impact of project’s investments and national ownership of results.

Our services include:

  • Baseline, mid-term, final and impact evaluation mission delivering utilization-focused and actionable evaluation reports and presentations.
  • Design and implement monitoring systems including the design of indicators and data collection tools to systematically gather data and develop project’s quarterly and annual outcome-driven reports for internal and external audiences
  • Project development design that is relevant, coherent and logically connected all is based on constructing theories of change and the development of logically connected results chain
  • Design and produce M&E plans and logical frameworks
  • M&E systems consulting to review, design and launch organization-wide M&E System
  • M&E training courses; Foundation and Advanced levels