Bidding Process Technical Assistance

It is our belief that the right selection of the most competitive, most responsive and compliant proposals as well as hiring of the right competent implementing partner is key to producing better value for money and better rate on investment. Such rightly selection supports value creation, effective, efficient and timely project delivery.

Procurement Management and Proposals Evaluation Sertvices

What is Proposal Evaluation Services

Clients usually have no time or enough staff to manage a contract / grant procurement process including the development of Request for Proposal, qualification and shortlisting of implementing partners, contractors and / or grantees and finally evaluate proposals and recommend for an award.

Beit Al Karma has the capacity, expertise and personnel who can administratively and technically support client’s personnel in handling the above tasks. Ultimate goals is select the right partner to design and deliver projects, targets and outcomes as anticipated, mandated and desired by the client

Step 1: Qualification and Shortlisting

Identify potential contractors, grantees and / or service providers. Develop scoring matrix to evaluate capabilities including the identification of key areas of strength, technical ability, market experience, project’s understanding, understanding of the client’s vision, reputation, financial, personnel and other organizational and administrative capacities.

Step 2: Administrative Check

Step 2: Administrative Compliance 

Will prepare three lists as follows 

  1. Those which are administratively compliant;
  2. Those which are non-administratively complaint;
  3. Those which did not meet the deadline.

The lists will be categorized per location and thematic areas if any and will include the reasons of rejection or acceptance

Step 3: Technical Evaluation

 Step 3: Technical Evaluation

  1. Evaluation scoring grid
  2. Evaluation report per each proposal with comments and justifications
  3. Prepare request for clarifications for proposals when necessary
  4. Harmonized Evaluation report ranking proposals with sufficient information to justify the selection or rejection of the proposals clearly explaining those positive or negative aspects of the proposal
  5. Draft letter for the applicants of successful proposals, clearly explain those aspects of the proposal that might require further clarification from the applicant
  6. Draft letters to the applicants of these rejected proposals giving a complete, concise and clear explanation of the reasons for rejection

Step 4: Award Recommendation

Provide recommendation for award for those compliant, most responsive with a delivery approach that supports the effectiveness, sustainability, impact and value for money

Our Values

  • Impartiality and objectivity
  • Ensure no conflict of interest
  • Integrity including independent decisions without any prejudice nor influence.
  • Confidentiality of all data, information, project ideas, evaluation results, scoring and grading data.
  • Our evaluators are refrained to publish and communicate any classified information