Bidding Process Technical Assistance

The right selection of the most competitive, most responsive and compliant proposals is key to achieve better value for money through effective and efficient project design and delivery.

How does it Work?

Clients usually have little time or do not have enough staff to manage procurement process for the design and delivery of services, works and / or supplies. The procurement process requires both technical and administrative expertise. It includes the preparation of a clear Request for Proposal, Invitation to Bidding, Pre-qualification of bidders, proposals evaluation, debrief and justified recommendation for award.

Step 1: Request for Proposal Preparation

This is where Beit Al Karma’s Consultants get fully engaged with the Client’s technical and procurement officers to identify scope of work, project’s activities, deliverables and milestones, performance indicators. The process also include the preparation of Invitation to Bidding, proposals preparation requirements, determining selection and evaluation criteria as well as assigning specific and general contracting conditions among others

Step 2: Invitation to Bidding and / or Call for Pre-Qualification

This is where Beit Al Karma’s will use its comprehensive database of profit and non-profit Implementing Partners inviting them to submit their pre-qualifications documents or to submit their technical and financial response to the already prepared Request for Proposal. At this stage, our consultants will manage the pre-bid meeting if any, prepare answers to all inquiries, questions and comments as well as to issuing addendum among others. All in order to manage a competitive and transparent bidding process.

Step 3: Proposals Evaluation Process

  • Administrative Compliance: We will prepare a list of those which are administratively compliant; non-administratively complaint and of those which did not meet the deadline.
  • Technical Evaluation: We will prepare Evaluation scoring grid and evaluation report per each administratively compliant proposal with comments and justifications. The scoring matrix sheet will rank proposals and include sufficient information to justify the selection or rejection clearly explaining those positive or negative aspects of the proposal. Those proposals in the competitive range will be sent letters to clearly explain those aspects of the proposal that might require further clarification from the applicant. Applicants with not selected proposals will be sent debriefing letters giving a complete, concise and clear explanation of the reasons for rejection
  • Award Recommendation: Provide recommendation for award for those compliant, most responsive, value-add delivery approaches that will support the effectiveness, sustainability, impact and value for money of the project

Our Values

  • Impartiality and objectivity
  • Ensure no conflict of interest
  • Openness of the process
  • Protect the integrity in solicitation process of procurement
  • Integrity including independent decisions without any prejudice nor influence.
  • Effective competition including timely and adequate notification of requirements
  • Confidentiality of all data, information, project ideas, evaluation results, scoring and grading data.
  • Our evaluators are refrained to publish and communicate any classified information