Capacity Development

Since 2009, Beit Al Karma has designed and implemented a series of training courses to help for-profit businesses, public sector as well as nonprofit organizations, achieve effective, efficient and disciplined business development process, proposal development efforts, performance monitoring and evaluation plans, all supporting businesses and organizations to profitably grow, sustain and stay ahead in their respective markets

1500+ Trainees
Practitioners representing various professional services providers from both Development Aid and Private Sector Markets
68+ Training Rounds
2 - 4 days training rounds conducted saving trainees time and cost while equipped with learning outcomes that matter
Tailored Training Programs
Customized Training Programs Specifically outlined and designed per Participants' Training Needs, Organizational / Business Objectives and anticipated Learning Outcomes
Business Development Advisory Services
Identification of business development gaps, facilitate the development of business development strategy, setting-up business and proposal development process including developing templates, organizational chart, job descriptions, performance indicators and hands-on training among others
Bidding Process Technical Assistance
Procurement Process Management, Shortlisting, Request for Proposal Preparation, Bidding Process Management, Proposals Reviews and Recommendation for Award