Most of our courses are delivered over only 2 days saving time and cost for our busy-schedule participants. Yet, we are proud that our courses provide the necessary and only knowledge and tools that our trainees need to implement and excel in their real life’s jobs.

  • We provide participants with ever-digested several pages training handouts readable in few hours, thanks to its easy language, tables and informative graphs.
  • Our training is methodical, usually following a tested and applied processes and step-to-step guidelines
  • Our presentations are info-graphic to support translating complex concepts into simpler ones
  • Templates distributed, group-based smart exercises coupled with feedback by participants, all support enhanced learning outcomes
  • Our courses have been tried and tested by our consultants and practitioners within the field and workplace. Training manuals and presentations have gone through several revisions and updates.

Our Trainers…

  • Simplify new concepts and ideas by reflecting upon and showcase actual experience and realities therefore increase training value
  • Put a lot of weight on case studies and real life examples that are appropriate to the context and are easily understood.
  • Emphasize upon the participatory nature of the training to allow the sharing of valuable learning, support and guidance.
  • Are Agile with wide experience to tailor the course to the learning needs of the participants during the course by adding / explaining additional presentation slides or to open a discussion around a specific topic of interest

Our trainees meet peers from across the sectors, exchange experiences with those who are working on related issues or in similar contexts.

In all our courses, we train participants on how to define solutions, nail technical approaches, lay-out recommendations and how to establish thought-leadership. We teach them how to create value and how to identify moving-forward steps. These are core values we instill. You can trace them easily in any of our training courses starting from the Proposal Writing Courses to the Business Development Certificate as well as in the Monitoring and Evaluation Courses. We teach our trainees to be Value Creators