Beit Al Karma Consulting is an Egyptian and Middle Eastern company advisory, consulting and training company. We help small-mid sized businesses, as well as nonprofit organizations and public sector agencies, to achieve effective, efficient and disciplined business development, proposal development, learning and knowledge management processes. We are proud to have supported businesses and organizations to increase contract awards, enhance their levels of revenues, excel in project’s delivery and performance. We provide training and consulting services in

  • Business and Proposal Development
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning

As we have worked with both profit and non-profit businesses and organizations, we have been uniquely positioned to cross-learn competitiveness, profitable growth, business acumen, sustainability, impact and accountability to beneficiaries among other values and principles. The same has provided Beit Al Karma’s advisory and training services the unique flavor and an unparalleled differentiation

Training Courses
5,000+ business and proposal developers, monitoring and evaluation practitioners have changed their modes of thinking towards winning contracts more competitively and thoughtfully
Monitoring and Evaluation
We have conducted 40+ evaluation missions of funded development projects which have rendered our evaluation processes more rigorous and our reports more meaningful
Business Development Consulting
We support businesses and organizations to establish Agile Business Development Units necessary to efficiently and profitably grow and sustain