Tailored Training Programs

Beit Al Karma designs, delivers and evaluates training programs that are tailored to the participants’ specific needs and training objectives helping nonprofit organization, development-aid funded projects and professional services companies to achieve effective organizational transformation, sustainability and profitable growth plans.

How it Works 

Our tailored training programs ranges from simply training courses that span over few days to training programs that span from 1-6 months and it includes either and / or all of the following

  • Face-to-face training workshops
  • Mentoring and guiding participants while applying their learning outcomes in real life situations using learner-centered diagnostic and counseling approach
  • Evaluate and monitor the training program performance measuring the Key Learning Outcomes such as Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices and Skills captured and implemented by participants
  • Prepare detailed training report to reinforce the ideas learned including specific recommendations for maintaining the change and advise further on how to ensure the learning continues to be applied.

Next Steps

  •  Contact us – either through phone call or e-mail at info@bk-eg.com telling us what are your training objectives, targeted audience and number of trainees as well as your anticipated dates for training
  • We will organize a meeting with yourselves to understand your training objectives and participant’s specific needs
  • We will send you a proposal within 5 working days translating your needs into realistic and achievable learning outcomes. The proposal will include the proposed training program, courses outline, budget and trainer profile(s).
  • Once the proposal is agreed, we will design the training for you
  • We deliver the training at your or at our premises

Please note that we often have our calendar full months in advance, so please do contact us early.

Our clients included

  • GIZ implemented Participatory Development Project, 2017
  • American University of Cairo, Engineering Services Unit, 2013 – Present
  • Engineering Services Group of Egypt, 2017
  • Alex Swedish Institute, 2016
  • Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, 2016
  • Hanz Zaidel Foundation, 2016
  • GIZ implemented Technical Education Reform Project, 2015
  • ITISAL, ICT firms membership organization, 2015 and 2014
  • GIZ Implemented Women Economic Empowerment Project, 2014
  • Family Health International (FHI 360), 2014 & 2015


About Training

Beit Al Karma training courses address both profit and not-for-profit businesses and organizations. We are proud of being able to capacity build and mind-shift 3,000 + professionals representing engineering firms; ICT solutions providers; development and management consulting; social entrepreneurs; as well as development practitioners of non-governmental organizations and foundations.

Our training courses design and delivery are informed by the day-to-day realities of business development and lessons learned from the actual delivery of consulting assignments. Our courses cover several topics including Business Development, Proposal Writing, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Soft Skills among others. Our training program is based around the following learning themes:

Profitable business growth and organizational sustainability
Clients-centered and project’s beneficiaries-focused services
Competitive, responsive and value creation solutions
Benefits and outcomes-based solutions

Our teaching approach is based on providing participants with effective content, innovative delivery and teaching strategies. Therefore we put a lot of weight case studies, real life examples and participatory approach encouraging participants to share their info and experience to learn from each other. Our training offerings covers several topics including

Business Development Skills
Proposal Writing
Monitoring and Evaluation
Soft Skills

Our Training Courses are as follows:

About us

Our Vision

Beit Al Karma Consulting is an Egyptian and Middle Eastern Company supports its clients to improve the performance of their businesses, organizations and programs helping them to build their own nations and to transform their own future.

Our Mission

We provide our clients – profit and nonprofit organizations – with specialized training, project’s evaluation and access to funding opportunities through our dedicated portal DARPE (Development Assistance Road-map Portal in the Middle East), all in order to sustain their organizations and to profitably grow their businesses respectively.

Our Approach 

We merge principles and values of outcomes-driven sustainable development with benefits-driven sustainable growth rendering the design and delivery of socioeconomic and infrastructure projects more effective, financially sustainable, clients and beneficiaries focused.

Monitoring and Evaluation Practice 

Through our monitoring and evaluation practice our Evaluation Managers and Technical Subject Matter Experts strives to turn evidence-based knowledge into practice. Our staff and consultants provides Mid-monitoring and project’s evaluation expertise to donor-funded projects covering areas and sectors such as decentralization, civic engagement, community services, education, entrepreneurship, women and youth empowerment, economic and social policy, Infrastructure and the environment, and international development.

Training Courses 

We are proud of being able to capacity build and mind-shift 3,000 + professionals representing engineering firms; ICT solutions providers; development and management consulting; social entrepreneurs; funded-development projects as well as non-governmental organizations and foundations. Our training offerings covers several topics including Business Development, Proposal Writing, Monitoring and Evaluation