How to Manage and Write Winning Proposals


Profit and nonprofit businesses and organizations are primarily depended on winning contracts and / or grants for their survival and growth. Consequently, proposal development, management, design and preparation are the most important business activities that your firm / organization performs.

Proposals are knowledge-based sales documents. You need to create a proposal document that allows evaluators to see your strengths and discriminators. Proposals must be client focused, thoughtful, competitive and in compliance with the Request for Proposal requirements. Proposal Managers and Writers should systemize their proposal preparation process in order to set the right direction in one hand while reducing the amount of rework and meeting deadlines on the other.

In this course You will learn how to prepare a structured a compliant persuasive technical proposal document that makes your client feel comfortable that your company / organization is reliable and superior.


  • Increased knowledge of the necessary techniques to intelligently develop, manage and write proposals
  • Increased capacity to use proposal outlines as a compliance, management and writing tool
  • Improved capacity on how to tell a persuasive story, generate winning themes and build them into the proposal document
  • Increased understanding of what is required to include and write under each major proposal section