Small and mid-sized, for-profit and not-for profit, businesses and organizations, across a vast array of industries approach Beit Al Karma to provide them with business development solutions and systems to win more contracts and / or grants. We support our clients to identify business opportunities, build trusted strategic client relationships, steadily position themselves and write proposals that win. We provide our services in any or in all stages of Business development activities from client and opportunity prospecting to engaging and capturing

What is STRT
When delivering its technical assistance services, Beit Al Karma’s adopts the Business Development Solutions through Relationships and Thought Leadership (STRT) Model which is a 4-Steps model including: Scout – Engage – Position and Capture. It shifts the business development process at client businesses / organizations from spontaneous and irregular tasks into planned, systematic and disciplined process. The STRT methodology is a more informed, logical, and flexible approach to respond to and win contracts and / or grants. STRT helps your organization meet its annual BD targets.
How it works
Beit Al Karma Consultants work shoulder to shoulder with Business Owners, Business Development Managers, Public Relations officer and other related staff to review, assess, define gaps, answer strategic business performance questions, develop new processes and templates as well as agree on final process documentation. We support our clients of businesses and organizations to be the preferred providers for their Strategic / Key Clients. We will leave behind an owned transferable and systematic business development process
This step includes Business Development Department organizational assessment as well as business development efforts performance assessment. It includes process review, organizational structure, documents review, results and sustainability review. It will involve conducting interviews and / or questionnaire
We will engage a company’s leadership to design a clear, comprehensive, multi-year BD strategy. Our staff will facilitate 1-3 business development strategic workshops at which Corporate and Departmental Vision, Mission, Goals and Growth Strategies discussed, reviewed and finalized. In these sessions, we will help clients identify its markets, analyze its competition, and develop its ‘go to market’ differentiators.
Process design
This step will include setting up the business development process starting from the opportunity identification till the closing out step. It will include business development department jobs description, Key Performance Indicators, preparation of tailored Templates. The process will involve hands-on training, feedback and buying-in sessions
At this step a business development manual and process will be prepared, reviewed and finalized with annexes and templates. A final presentation will be prepared