Course Overview

In this course participants will learn how to develop relationships that foster trust, build long-term, sustainable, and profitable client relationships. This is not done by responding to RFPs, but through developing and adopting a relationship-based process — STRT. This journey occurs in phases: Scout, Engage, Position, and Capture. Your relationships strengthen as you move through the four phases of STRT and toward becoming the client’s preferred provider. STRT moves us from a transactional approach to business development, i.e. from pursuing projects approach to a relational one – building relationships. Why relationships? Because relationships continue to generate revenue and new opportunities over the long-term. Building great client relationships represents one of the best sustainable business practices Professional Services Providers and organizations can employ. The Business Development Manager Training Program enables profit and not-for profit businesses and organizations to achieve successful, efficient and disciplined business and proposal development activities.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the training, participants will

  • Have developed a deeper understanding of the skills, techniques, process and competency to lead and direct business development efforts.
  • Have acquired client-centered, benefits-focused and consultative selling techniques
  • Have practiced adaptive communication and inquiry skills to various type of clients in order to grip opportunities and build trust
  • Have learned how to prepare go-or-no-go informed decisions and move from one stage to another based on insights
  • Have learned how to prepare an intelligent Client Account Plans and Project Capture Plans necessary for preparing winning proposal and / or presentations

Additional Information:

  • This training course of instruction and practice is delivered over 4-days (24 hours).
  • This training workshop is intermediate to advanced level
  • The course is highly interactive and participatory using practical examples from the trainer and participants, open discussions, group and individual exercises
  • Presentations and handouts are in English. Trainers are bilingual Arabic / English
  • To be awarded the Business Development Manager Certificate Participants need to successfully complete the four modules with at least 80% attendance

Meet the Trainer:

Alaa Shaheen
Business Development Manager and Proposal Writer Specialist
Engineer Alaa has 25 years of experience in business and proposal development serving international profit and nonprofit businesses and organizations to increase their revenues and to profitable grow. Engineer Alaa designs and delivers training at the American University in Cairo and at the German Institute for Academic Exchange DAAD. Engineer Alaa has a M.Sc. in Construction Management from Brighton University, United Kingdom and a B.Sc. in Construction Engineering from the American University in Cairo

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