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Do you want to respond to request for proposals or grant applications more confidently? Do you want to increase your proposals winning rates? Do you want to write a proposal that is simple yet persuasive? If yes, then join us on how to manage and write winning proposal course which will provide you with tools and structured process to manage, organize and write compliant, client- centered and benefits-focused proposal


By the end of the training, participants will

  • How to prepare a proposal document that includes a host of marketing, technical, programmatic and institutional information.
  • Increased knowledge of the needed business intelligence information prior to the actual writing of the proposal.
  • Understand the proposal writing process, content development, logical structure, messages development and persuasive writing skills
  • Equip participants with practical tools that they can use to further their work.


You are a manager or staff member working for a consultancy firm, a non-governmental organization  NGO or a government institute, involved in writing project proposals and / or in responding to tenders for services.


  • The course will be delivered over 3 weeks including six live interactive online sessions, each lasts 90 minutes. Sessions are from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm Cairo, Egypt time
  • The course is based on a participatory and active learning approach. It will include Quizzes and individual exercise.
  • We estimate participants should set aside 4-6 hours per week to attend live discussions and complete readings and assignments


  • You will need a laptop and ideally also a headset, as well as access to broadband internet.
  • You will need to be able to download software (Zoom) to access the live sessions.
  • You will need to open your camera during the live sessions to enhance dialogue and maximize learning outcomes

Meet the Trainer:

Alaa Shaheen
Business Development Manager and Proposal Writer Specialist
Alaa Shaheen has 25 years of experience in business development, proposal development, monitoring and evaluation. He has developed and participated in writing several winning proposals for development projects funded by USAID, EU, the World Bank and GIZ among others. Engineer Alaa lectures at the American University in Cairo and the German Institute for Academic Exchange (DAAD). Engineer Alaa has a M.Sc. in Project Management from Brighton University, United Kingdom and a B.Sc. in Construction Engineering from the American University in Cairo.
Apply for Fees Waiver (Scholarship)
This fees-waiver applies on young participants 0-3 years who have the competency and energy to enrich groups exercises and discussions. Selection is based on a competitive process.

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