Course Overview

In a competitive market, knowing how to manage and strategize a proposal document is one of the most important activities that bring your company or organization to the position of closing a deal with the client.

A proposal is a selling document as it involves marketing your company and / or organization to a government, private sector or to an international client persuading and making them feel comfortable that your company / organization is reliable and superior. Carelessly and poorly managed and presented proposals can damage your company’s reputation with your client.

The training workshop will give you hands-on experience with proposal development techniques that improve your ability to manage proposals, reduce rework, and create proposals the evaluators can use to choose you. This training workshop introduces participants to proposal planning, outlining and organizing activities that help get proposal development off to a fast and effective start while simplifying the writing tasks, providing information for your proposal writers to write the actual proposal sections, and do it right the first time.

Learning Outcomes

  • Organize your response so it is responsive, compliant and persuasive
  • Help build your win strategy and winning themes into proposal documents
  • Set the overall vision for the proposal, motivate the team to follow a well-conceived strategy and that the vision is threaded throughout the proposal
  • Dramatically reduce the amount of rework required to complete the proposal
  • Create a proposal document that allows evaluators to see your strengths and discriminators answering the questions of why you? Why not your competitors?

Additional Information

  • This training course of instruction and practice is delivered over 2-days (12 hours).
  • This training workshop is an intermediate to advanced level
  • The course is highly interactive using groups discussions, individual exercises and case studies
  • Presentations, materials and handouts are in English

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    1. It is on 23 and 24 June 2018 at Dokki, Cairo, Egypt. Call us for more details on how to register and location’s direction

    1. Yes Sara. It is a General Proposal Writing Management and Proposal Development Strategy that is applied in profit and non-profit businesses and organizations aline

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