Course Overview

This course is designed to offer professional development and training to proposal writing and management staff to increase efficiency in their proposal process and enhance their win rate. It will support participants to prepare compliant, competitive, thoughtful and persuasive technical proposal document. It will also provide them with writing guidelines to develop a structured story-to-tell proposal document that allows evaluators to see their businesses’ and / or organizations’ strengths, discriminators and solutions-oriented winning themes. The course provides an overview of all aspects of proposal management and writing activities starting from the proposal outlining and storyboarding to writing proposal major sections and executive summary with a focus on ensuring that proposal content is composed and developed with an entrepreneurial and winning spirit.


By the end of the training, participants will

  • Have developed a deeper understanding of the characteristics of winning proposal
  • Have explored ways to generate thoughtful ideas and meaningful solutions to propose
  • Have practiced the use of guidelines and checklist to write and develop compliant and persuasive proposal sections
  • Be able to generate winning themes, spread and embed them within the proposal document


This course is designed for managers or staff members working for a consultancy firm, NGO or a government institute, involved in writing project proposals or in responding to Requests for Proposals and / or Requests for Applications.


  • This training course of instruction and practice is delivered over 2-days (12 hours).
  • This training workshop is a foundation to intermediate level
  • The course is highly interactive and participatory using practical examples from the trainer and participants, open discussions, group and individual exercises
  • Presentations and handouts are in English. Trainers are bilingual Arabic / English

Meet the Trainer:

Alaa Shaheen
Business Development Manager and Proposal Writer Specialist
Engineer Alaa has 25 years of experience in business and proposal development serving international profit and nonprofit businesses and organizations to increase their revenues and to profitable grow. Engineer Alaa designs and delivers training at the American University in Cairo and at the German Institute for Academic Exchange DAAD. Engineer Alaa has a M.Sc. in Construction Management from Brighton University, United Kingdom and a B.Sc. in Construction Engineering from the American University in Cairo
Apply for Fees Waiver (Scholarship)
This fees-waiver applies on young participants 0-3 years who have the competency and energy to enrich groups exercises and discussions. Selection is based on a competitive process.

Sample Photos of Previous Rounds of Training

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