Course Overview

Have you ever thought why most of your potential clients don’t respond to e-mails you have sent them requesting to arrange meeting? Have you ever questioned yourself after a meeting with a client, what is the value of information you have gathered to further develop your business or support your technical proposal with such a client? Have you ever thought of what questions you will ask your clients to learn more about their needs and demands? In this course you will learn and practice the type of questions and techniques you need to use to successfully manage a client conversation and leave a positive impression about yourself, and the company/organization that you represent. You will also learn how to skillfully adapt to various clients’ behaviors.

Client-focused relationships are built through effective and smart communication skills that increase clients’ willingness to express needs and demands. Service and solution providers all aspire to be regarded as value creators to their prospecting clients increasing their self-confidence and promoting their businesses to higher levels of revenues and growth.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the necessary skills required for the initiation, formation and nurturing of client networks and relationships.
  • Improved communication and inquiry skills that will further enhance client’s understanding of what you have to offer.
  • Establishment of sustainable, trusted client relationships in order to achieve a good rate of profitable growth.
  • Engaging clients through structured and valuable client conversations.

Additional Information

  • This training course of instruction and practice is delivered over 2-days (12 hours).
  • Presentations, training course materials and hand-outs are in English
  • A certificate of attendance is issued by Beit Al Karma Consulting
  • Trainers are bilingual: English/Arabic.

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