Course Overview

Revenue generation, closing deals and the success of many private businesses and organizations are primarily dependent on writing winning proposals to win more contracts and therefore to generate more revenues necessary for their profitable growth. A proposal is a selling document as it involves marketing your company and / or organization to a government, private sector or to an international client persuading and making them feel comfortable that your company / organization will achieve the results that they want to achieve. Successful proposal managers and writers emphasize on how to developing winning strategies that need to both satisfy client’s requirements in one hand while surpassing their competitors on the other hand.

In this course we will discuss the main wining themes towards proposal’s success. What you will learn in this course is how to strategize your proposal, showing your competitive and comparative advantages. We will discuss the  First Seven Pages Methodology which emphasizes the critical importance of the front sections of a company’s response to Requests for Proposals.  Typically these sections include: the Executive Summary; Understanding the Context; Understanding the Client and the Technical Solution.  While every section after The First Seven Pages is important, if an evaluator is not engaged after reading these front sections, the offeror has already lost the bid.  The First Seven Pages philosophy is based on how to tell a convincing story in the proposal response that is more informed and more tailored.

This course is designed for profit and nonprofit Professional and Technical Services Providers including engineering & ICT solutions providers, management consulting & advisory services firms as well as NGOs among others. It is suitable for all practitioners who want to submit a strong proposal document keeping them at competitive range and at the forefront of their industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increased skills of how to present a constructed discussion and meaningful evidence to convince clients to award contracts merely because of the reliability and superiority of your submitted proposals
  • You’ll learn how to integrate your winning strategy into the proposal sections
  • Learn how to develop and write the most important sections of the technical proposal in a more informed and tailored manner
  • Learn the importance of blue and red proposal reviews as an important step in the process to be sure you are delivering your messages clearly

Additional Information

  • This training course of instruction and practice is delivered over 2-days (12 hours). 
  • A certificate of attendance is issued by Beit Al Karma Consulting
  • Presentations, training course materials and hand-outs are in English 
  • Trainers are bilingual: English/Arabic

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