Over the last decade, Beit Al Karma has provided monitoring and evaluation services to improve the performance, effect, impact, sustainability and value for money of humanitarian, socioeconomic, local development and infrastructure development projects in Egypt and the Arab World. We strive to provide utilization-focused recommendations, actionable evaluation reports supported by info-graphical presentations, charts and tables.

Beit Al Karma employs expert monitoring and evaluation specialists who usually assumes the role of the Evaluation Manager and is supported by external Subject-Matter Experts to advise technically on the formulation and evaluation of subject-related Key Performance Indicators, key evaluation areas and key questions.  We emphasizes on the use of multiple data collection methods, quantitative and qualitative, to triangulate and confirm reliable, accurate, comparable and representative results.

We develop full fledged M&E Plans to serve as a monitoring, accountability and learning tool. M&E plans do include milestones for implementation, field monitoring frequency and filed monitoring tools, proposed personnel needed and the processes required for ensuring timely monitoring.  the plan will also show how to share and disseminate information on regular basis to address challenges,  take learnings and make forward actions  accordingly.

40+ Learning Missions
evaluating projects in democratic governance, women and youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, schools construction, water and wastewater among others. We ensure that M&E is part of project management, proposal writing, effective communication and organizational sustainability
Evaluation Missions
  • Baseline studies
  • Mid-term evaluation studies
  • Final evaluation
  • Impact evaluation
  • Process evaluation
  • Strategic evaluation
Technical Assistance
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Plans
  • Design of Key Performance Indicators
  • Data Collection Tools
  • Regularly Collect evidenced-based data
  • Develop outcome-driven reports
  • organization-wide M&E systems review and redesign