We Make a Difference on What Matters

We design and deliver collaborative monitoring and evaluation studies and services for development projects for the benefits of those we serve of men, women and children.  We design rigorous evaluation methods, employ mixed quantitative and qualitative data collection methods, all to ensure the generalizability, use and utilization of findings and recommendations. We dig deeply to find out what worked and what didn’t work and explain why. We have designed and evaluated projects in various development sectors including 
  • Refugees and migration 
  • Humanitarian response 
  • Democratic governance and decentralization 
  • Youth employment and empowerment 
  • Women empowerment 
  • Basic education reform 
  • School construction projects 
  • Water, wastewater and other infrastructure programs
  • Community services programs 

Development Evaluation Services

We employ monitoring and evaluation experts with and / or supported by Subject Matter Expertise who have the technical and contextual knowledge to render our evaluation studies more relevant, utilizable and thematically thoughtful. 

  • Baseline and situational assessment studies
  • Midterm evaluation studies
  • Final evaluation studies
  • Impact evaluation missions
  • Retrospective evaluation studies
  • Country-based strategic and positioning evaluation studies
  • Design of Performance Monitoring Plans
  • Process and project delivery methods evaluation

M&E Consulting Services

  • Integrating learning from M&E activities into program design, proposal development and strategic communication 
  • Design organization-wide M&E System 
  • Design and develop project’s-based M&E plans and data collection tools 
  • Responsible for project’s M&E function and activities including progress monitoring, facilitating of adaptive solutions, and preparing progress reports among others