When every voice is heard

We listen to every one who has been affected by project’s interventions and everyone who has  contributed to project’s results. We strive to have  non-disputable findings, utilizable recommendations and valuable lessons learned needed to make meaningful programming decisions. Development sectors we have been part of Include

  • Refugees  livelihoods, integration and inclusion
  • Democratic local governance and decentralization
  • Youth employment, income generation and civic engagement
  • Women economic empowerment
  • Child rights
  • Infrastructure projects including schools construction, water and wastewater projects.

40+ Evaluation Missions

  • Baseline and situational assessment studies
  • Midterm evaluation studies
  • Final evaluation studies
  • Impact evaluation missions
  • Retrospective evaluation studies
  • Country strategy plans and corporate positioning

M&E Consulting Services

  • We provide Third Party Monitoring (TPM) Services to support our clients with regular data collection services, activities monitoring, continuous evaluation, collaborative learning and adaptation measures to move on better.
  • We assist organizations in setting robust Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning  (MEL) system for them to manage and capitalize on their project more meaningfully.