HEWAR, Partnership Program for Democracy and Governance,  is a USAID-funded  6 years project implemented by Care International in Bani Suef, Qena and Luxor governorates of Egypt. The project aimed at bringing all segments of the community to work together to promote accountable and responsive local government. The end-of-project evaluation mission and report assessed relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability of project’s activities towards the attainment of project’s Objectives and planned results.

In-depth interviews and focus groups discussions were conducted using a scientific sample of the project beneficiaries and implementing partners including representatives of the ministry of local administration and executive municipal councils. 

Qualitative results were translated into quantitative results by reporting perception and views against key evaluation indicators. The report has included strategic recommendations for how to sustain projects activities by demonstrating the benefits of bottom-up or top-bottom approaches towards the decentralization of local administration in Egypt

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