The Economic and Social Upgrading of the Fishermen and their Families in Fayoum governorate, Egypt, is an integrated development program targeted the improved living condition of the most impoverished fishermen community in Fayoum governorate. Such integration including interventions in

  • Creation of job opportunities through enterprise-based training and microfinance services
  • Improved health conditions and malnutrition through pre and post natal awareness sessions,
  • Improved health conditions of women shrimp peelers by constructing 24 new safe shrimp peeling sites
  • Increased access to education by reducing the number of students school drop-outs as well as the conduct of illiteracy classes.

Beit Al Karma has provided practical and evidence-based recommendation for the optimum use of remaining funds capitalizing on strong project’s achievements while stopping some activities that either irrelevant to the project’s objectives or produce little outcomes compared to invested resources

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