The 6-months awareness campaign aimed at raising the awareness of more than 2,000 youth (13-18 years old), their parents and schools teachers on the risks of irregular migration and on positive alternatives available, namely better training and education, necessary for securing employment opportunities inside and outside Egypt.  Three governorate-level conferences were designed and managed in a participatory manner with a temporary project-based Advocacy Task Force consisting from participating schools, child protection committees, governorate representatives and representative of the youth themselves.  The locally-based advocacy task force has been created to ensure the inclusion of local ideas, ownership and sustainability thereafter. The conferences included Youth-specific activities such as art and painting, story-telling using origami technique, watching a movie and career counseling corner.

Al Karma specialists have prepared three main progress reports and one overall report summarizing project's activities, progress and lessons learned. Quantitative and qualitative assessment were conducted to measure the change on youth perception related to irregular migration options versus regular migration and self development options. 

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