The main purpose of the baseline survey/study is to draw a clear understanding of the current Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of women, men, community and civic leaders towards women’s inheritance rights. The study surveyed three selected villages in two governorates of Assuit and Sohag.  Project’s activities targeted the increased awareness of 4,000 women, 2,400 men and 1,200 youth. The project aims at bringing changes in attitudes, behaviors and practices towards women’s rights to inheritance among women themselves, men and community leaders using religious leaders and community champions (Agents of Change)

2 thoughts on “Baseline Study of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Women’s Rights to Inheritance – Care International”

  1. Dear Mr/Mrs.,

    Can you please inform me who did carry out this study and send me a soft copy of the report?

    Thanks in advance,

    prof. dr. W.H.A. Hofman
    University Groningen Netherlands

    1. This study has been conducted by us Beit Al Karma Consulting for a project funded by the EU and implemented by Care International Egypt. If you need any specific information and the purpose of having the report, please advise

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