The Child / Youth Media Project overarching objective is "Child-centered community empowerment and participation". The project was designed to address the low levels of awareness and knowledge of child rights in the Egyptian society and change attitudes and behaviors towards children. Its main goal is for children, their parents and decision makers to carry out actions that respect, protect and promote the right of children. The project is implemented by Plan International (Plan Egypt Office) with the support of NOKIA and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). Project Partners included Al Karma Edutainment production house, Partner Community Development Associations (CDAs), National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM), Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) and the American University in Cairo. Program activities span all over six governorates with twelve targeted urban, semi-rural and rural areas.

The project included public awareness, advocacy and training on children rights (5-18 years old), their parents and community leaders. The project’s main deliverable was the production and airing of 48 TV child-rights episodes as well as the production of training manuals.

Beit Al Karma's evaluation specialist and field researchers have conducted more than 30 In-depth interviews, 15 focus group discussions. Beit Al Karma have evaluated the value and effectiveness of the episodes as well as the project approach in producing such episodes. Youth training program and its cascading plan has been also evaluated in the form of instilling leadership qualities in 72 youth leaders. Based on the evaluation study, SIDA and NOKIA have approved the funding of the second phase of the program to further ensure sustainability and scaling up.

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