REACT is a USAID funded three years project aimed at strengthening relationship between informed citizenry and competent local executive and popular local administration councils. The project included training, public awareness activities, design and implementation of community initiatives. REACT trained more than 50 governorate and over 150 district-level LPC members in the three key program modules: The Law of Local Administration; Critical Thinking for Problem Solving and Decision Making; and LPC Oversight of Projects.  As a result of MLPC training, ten dimensions of improved LPC performance have been noted by executive and popular branch leadership including: better management of LPC business through observation of internal by-laws; more diligent executive follow-up; and enhanced debate, reporting, and communications overall. Following these training sessions, 20 mostly governorate-level members were then selected for a vigorous, week-long training-of-trainers event to prepare them for training village LPCs.

Citizens, members of Local Popular Councils (MLPCs) and civil servants, working with REACT grantees in targeted districts and mother villages demonstrated the effectiveness of grass-roots cooperation, resolving community issues in drinking water, garbage collection, sanitary butchery, street lighting, vehicle licensing, and the quality and quantity of bread from government licensed bakeries.

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