Since 2009, Beit Al Karma has designed and implemented a series of training courses to help for-profit businesses, public sector as well as nonprofit organizations, achieve effective, efficient and disciplined business development process, proposal development efforts, performance monitoring and evaluation plans, all supporting businesses and organizations to profitably grow, sustain and stay ahead in their respective markets

What is it?

Our tailored training programs are specifically outlined and designed per Participants' training needs, anticipated learning outcomes and organizational / business objectives either of the private, non-profit and / or public sectors. Our training programs' duration range from few days to 3, 6 and 12 months of training and mentor-ship.

How it works?

Our tailored training programs include either and / or all of the following

  • Face-to-face training workshops
  • Mentoring and guiding participants while applying their learning outcomes in real life situations using learner-centered diagnostic and counseling approach
  • Evaluate and monitor the training program performance measuring the Key Learning Outcomes including Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices and Skills captured and applied by participants
  • Prepare detailed training report to reinforce the ideas learned including specific recommendations for maintaining the change and advise further on how to ensure the learning continues to be applied.

How to Move Forward?

  • Contact us – either through phone call or e-mail at telling us what are your training objectives, targeted audience and number of trainees as well as your anticipated dates for training
  • We will organize a meeting with yourselves to understand your training objectives and participant’s specific needs
  • We will send you a proposal within 5 working days translating your needs into realistic and achievable learning outcomes. The proposal will include the proposed training program, courses outline, budget and trainer profile(s).
  • Once the proposal is agreed, we will design the training for you
  • We deliver the training at your or at our premises
  • Please note that we often have our calendar full months in advance, so please do contact us early.