Shaping the Next Generation of Development Professionals

Our commitment is to helping people and organizations to grow more effectively and confidently. We equip participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to excel in their daily functions and responsibilities which will in turn will advance their career growth in one hand while it will support the effectiveness of their businesses and organizations. Our training courses are modular, interactive and participatory ones. 
Our regular training participants represent the following entities: 
  • Local and international non-profit organizations
  • Development Aid funded programs and projects
  • Public sectors organizations
  • Development consulting businesses
  • Engineering  Consultants
  • ICT solutions providers 
  • Social enterprises 

Public Offerings

We provide 2-4 days skills training workshops that equip development professionals with the necessary knowledge, templates, processes, industry-related vocabulary and terms needed for them not only to effectively carry-out their day-to-day work activities but to unlock their potentials to advance their career growth prospects. Our trainees include

  • Business and proposal developers
  • Partnership specialists
  • Monitoring and evaluation specialists
  • Fundraising specialists 
  • Social Entrepreneurs 
  • Chief Executive Officer of SMEs

Tailored Training

Our tailored training programs are specifically designed per organization’s training needs, anticipated learning outcomes and growth strategies objectives. Training areas include a mix of business development, proposal writing organizational sustainability, communication, monitoring and evaluation among others