We have developed a strong reputation in business development and proposal writing training in one hand and the provision of monitoring and evaluation technical assistance services on the other. We have assisted for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations, as well as public sector organizations to grow more profitably, design and deliver development projects more sustainably. We do so through promoting value creation, thought-leadership, informed partnerships, design and delivery of projects more effectively.
Monitoring and Evaluation
Monitoring and Evaluation Practice
Beit Al Karma Consulting provided evidenced-based, people-centered, quantitative and qualitative mixed methods evaluation reports for donors-funded youth empowerment, education reform, refugees resilience and infrastructure projects among others. Through our evaluation reports and the capacity strengthening training courses, we are committed to ensure high quality projects are designed and delivered
Development Assistance Roadmap Portal in the Middle East
DARPE is an online business development tool that provide businesses and non-profit organizations with tenders, grants and partnership opportunities to bid and grow their businesses and organizations. DARPE contributes to making Development Aid Market of the Middle East more accessible, competitive and effective. DARPE is a membership portal of thousands of best-and-brightest Development Solution Providers and Practitioners